Fundación Olivares Music School

Development of musical intelligence

This service was launched in September 2015 with the idea of seeking the benefits of music, as well as the development of musical intelligence in children.

Fundación Olivares Music School has as objectives:


To promote from childhood the knowledge and appreciation of music, initiating children, from early ages, in their learning.

To offer an instrumental teaching, oriented to the individual practice as well as to the group practice, being this last one the main purpose.

– To provide guidance in those cases where the special talent and vocation of the student suggest a more individualized teaching with a greater projection.

– To provide a musical education complementary to instrumental practice.

– To encourage students’ interest in participating in vocal and instrumental groups.

To organize public performances and participate in musical activities.

To develop a wide and diversified offer of musical education.

The teaching of different aspects has begun: rhythmic reading, intonation, listening, graphic representation of music, movement and instrumentation.

In the part referring to the interpretation of the different instruments that we have in the School, the following objectives have been sought:

Knowledge of the instruments at an expressive, acoustic level, etc.

– To get the student to acquire a musical base that can be applied in future courses.

– Initiation to the technique of the instruments.

– Interpretation of a repertoire adapted to your level and covering different musical styles.

It is very gratifying to see how children evolve through music, learning to live together better with other children, establishing more harmonious communication, and giving them greater emotional security and confidence in feeling understood when sharing music, and being immersed in a climate of help, collaboration and mutual respect.