hospital room

Space within the fourth floor of the Hospital Materno Infantil

The children who come for consultation can wait to play with our volunteers.


It is a small oasis inside the hospital filled with smiles and positive energy. In addition, in the educational area, the Foundation offers the office of the ward as well as the support of volunteers so that children can do their homework, give classes with the hospital teachers and take exams when necessary.

Our psychologist, Laura, is responsible for making sure that everything in the room works perfectly. She takes care of the parents while our volunteers play with the children.

In the afternoons, our psychologist offers the services of the Foundation to the new families while providing emotional support to the hospitalized child and his or her family: accompaniment, individualized counseling, information and support material on specific issues, etc.

The Room thus becomes a single space in which different activities coexist with the sole objective of making the time in the hospital more bearable.

Reiki relaxation technique

We have volunteers specialized in Relaxation-Reiki Techniques for the families that are in the plant and for the sanitary personnel that request it. This activity has been very well received by the families and the medical staff of the plant.

Musical expression activity

On Thursday afternoons we flood the rooms with music thanks to our music volunteers, all in perfect coordination with the staff of the Maternal and Child Hospital.

The schedule of the room is:



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00am to 1.00pm


From Monday to Friday from 17.00h to 20.00h

The telephone number of the room is: 952 641 756