Governing Body of the Olivares Foundation

¿Qué hacer estos días en familia?

Mr. Andrés Olivares Díaz

– Entrepreneur from Malaga
– President of the Association of Traders in the Historical Centre of Malaga (2005-2006)
– Graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Master’s Degree in Clinical Hypnosis from the Faculty of Psychology of the UMA
– Founder of Fundación Olivares and father of Luis

Mrs. Belén Gaspar Romero

– Degree in Marketing and Business
– Intermediary Property Manager
– Currently, Managing Director of Fundación Olivares

Mr Roberto Lanas Barreda

– President Reiki Service Association
– Reiki Master ASR. 226/2007
– Authorised Installer Industry; IE 29/1639 – IE 29/1347
– Currently, Volunteer and Reiki Coordinator of the Olivares Foundation

Mr. José Antonio Ortega Domínguez

– Degree in medicine with specialization in Medical Oncology and Clinical Epidemiology
– Teaching, Research and Clinical Trials in Oncology (R&D&I), early diagnosis of cancer and new therapeutic targets
– Director of the Andalusian Cancer Institute
– Member of the National Speciality Commission until 2015

Ms. Mónica Olivares

– Law Degree
– Currently, Manager of the Administration Department at Anpimori

Mr. José Luis Maireles Lanzas

– Full Partner Maireles & Associates
– Degree in Law from the University of Malaga
– Master’s Degree in Community Law
– Master of Procedural Practice at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas