What do we do?

When childhood cancer enters a home it shakes the whole family

After carefully analyzing where they could provide the most help, Luis’ parents decided to focus on emotional support for children and family members. When childhood cancer enters a home it is a shock to the entire family.


All family members are scared and disoriented, in most cases not knowing where to turn. Usually the first contact that families have with our Foundation is through the “White Room”, that is how our children call the Citizen Participation Room Olivares Foundation of the Maternal and Child Hospital. There they are informed by our psychologist of all the services we can give them.

Also, in this room our Reiki volunteers help to channel their energies to the families and children who wish to do so.

The Andres Olivares Foundation aims to give a comprehensive support to these families, from emotional support to any kind of social service they need to manage.

To this end, in May 2013 we opened the doors of our new headquarters, and since then we have been carrying out different activities with the idea of expanding our support services to children with cancer and their families.