Christmas greetings from Santa Cristina

Having collaborators like Cafés Santa Cristina and Nestlé is a real luxury for us!!

From the first moment they contacted us through La pequeña Agencia everything has been flowingwith the sole objective of achieving the best smiles for our little ones.

To achieve this we have followed several lines of collaboration: first we asked them to sponsor our 2021 Solidarity Calendar dedicated to the Superheroes of the Pandemic, our children made beautiful drawings of gratitude to all the people, who in one way or another have kept us and continue to keep us safe during these months.

With those drawings they designed a beautiful calendar that we have been selling for a donation of 3 euros (in full to benefit the Foundation) so that we can continue to cover the costs of our services to the families who need them. 

The children love to see their drawings on all the tables!

In addition to the calendars, our friends from Santa Cristina wanted to promote the artists that our children have inside them by organizing a drawing contest for this year’s Christmas greetings. Last year we organized a contest and the greetings were beautiful!

This year’s contest was won by our dear Patri Trujillo and that’s how beautiful the greetings were

Our brand new winner has been awarded with a cool Polaroid camera that will surely make funny pictures!

And as if that wasn’t enough, all the children who participated in the competition got a fantastic watch


We can’t forget the beautiful pocket calendar that we have also been handing out with the winning drawing! A complete collaboration!



Thanks from my heart!!!!!



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