We want you to live to the rhythm of your heartbeat




The soul of this foundation is nourished by the looks, hugs and smiles of our children.

They are the vital example of friendship, generosity, dedication and love without measure. They are the angels that carry us on their wings and make us better people. They are the reason for our unequivocal commitment..


Moved by the magic of our children, we have set ourselves the goal of fulfilling their dreams.

They are the ones who give meaning to all our work. They teach us to love and share their smiles with us. That is why we will do everything possible and impossible to fulfill the dreams of our children.


In an increasingly materialistic world, we want to make all our actions human.

To claim the unparalleled strength of unconditional love, of the love of a child, of the optimism that radiates from his smile.

Reivindicar la fuerza sin igual del amor incondicional, del amor de un niñ@, del optimismo que irradia su sonrisa.



To ensure that children with cancer remain children.



We want to be an organisation recognised for working to improve the quality of life of our children and their families through a comprehensive care programme offered by great professionals with a lot of heart.