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Your company can collaborate with us by involving employees, suppliers, clients, shareholders… and multiply the impact of the collaboration.


Do we inspire you?

It’s a small oasis inside the hospital full of smiles and positive energy. In addition, in the educational area, the Foundation offers the office of the ward as well as the support of volunteers so that the children can do their homework, give classes with the hospital teachers and take exams when necessary.

Our psychologist, Laura, is responsible for ensuring that everything in the room works perfectly. She looks after the parents while our volunteers play with the children.

In the afternoons, our psychologist offers the services of the Foundation to the new families while providing emotional support to the hospitalised child and his or her family: accompaniment, individualised advice, information and support material on specific issues, etc.





Solidarity payroll:


This is a perfect example that “many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world”, as Eduardo Galeano said.

A widely used case is that of “payroll rounding” which involves donating the cents of the payroll to stay in a whole number or even rounding up to the ten. Do these cents or few euros seem little to you? Now multiply it by all the members of all the collaborating companies… It’s amazing!

We need #CorazonesAmigos

Solidarity gift:


Because the little details make a big difference…

Create your corporate gift of solidarity, we can customize any idea with your logo.

This Christmas you can help us reach more people and make this time of year more magical for the children who have to spend it in the hospital.

Create an event with a soul:


Participatory and awareness-raising events make a lasting impression on the people who attend.

Make your company event a charity one: it can be a race, a day for employees and their families, a gymkhana, a party or a simple collection. You can give back an amount for each employee who participates in the event.

People like to feel that they are part of these beautiful projects by attending and contributing their bit of MAGIC!

Solidarity campaign:


Do you like music, sport, culture, cinema…?

Create an event or a campaign focused on the area that your company identifies with the most and make the MAGIC flow by itself.

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It all adds up!

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