Companies with soul, magic and heart

Because every contribution counts. Be a company with soul, magic and heart

Be a strategic ally


These companies are a great strength and driving force in Fundación Olivares.

Companies committed to the cause and that invest in happiness, the happiness of our children and their families. They will be participants in all our events and will always find in us a helping hand.

What are the advantages of being an allied company?

Fundación Olivares THANKS you for your help from HEART.

– You will be part of all our well-known events.

– We will make your actions known with us.

– You will gain reputation as a supportive company.

Fiscal advantages


Being a company with a soul, magic and heart also has tax advantages! We will inform you about it.

Your company has the right to deduct 35% of the contribution made from the total taxable amount, and up to 40% for donations made for the same or a higher amount for at least three years, with a limit of 10% of the taxable amount. We will send you the tax certificate corresponding to your contributions. Send us an e-mail to Donation certificates are issued until January 15th of the year following your donation, so don’t forget to request it and provide your details before that date. After that date it will not be possible to issue certificates according to the rules of the Tax Office.

Collaborating companies


It all adds up!

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