Inheritances and legacies

It’s a way for your legacy to live forever

More and more people want to leave their inheritance to non-profit foundations that help society.


They contribute a lot to families who are in a very low point, scared and disoriented.

You can always choose from several options:
– A fixed amount
– A real estate
– A percentage of total assets

We will receive these assets free of inheritance and gift tax because we are legally exempt

When you make your will, you must indicate what you want to bequeath to the Fundación Olivares

If you have an heir,

Within the legally established limits, you can bequeath part of your assets to the Fundación Olivares.

If you do not have an heir,

you can designate the Fundación Olivares as the universal heir.

Thanks to all the contributions we have already been able to help many families!

If you want more information, please contact us