Technique of channelling energy through the hands

To understand the functioning we can compare our body as an orchestra of different instruments in which Reiki would be the Master who would be in charge of tuning all the components so that the music would be perfect.


The role that Reiki offers in the foundation is very directly connected to the unconditional love of giving and accompanying children and their families.

By balancing the energy fields that flow through our body, improvements are produced even in the side effects of medical treatments, favoring positivity and giving a broader view of our walk in life that helps to bring with a new understanding of childhood cancer.

The practitioner’s relationship with the family process is based entirely on listening, respect and caring, creating bonds born in the heart.

Reiki is a technique without any contraindications, totally compatible and complementary to the medical treatments needed for the disease process.

The experience of working in the hospital room exceeds the expectations of any Reiki practitioner because the human quality of children and families makes the treatments are true experiences of personal enrichment and soul.

The Reiki schedule is:



Every afternoon treatments in the room from 17:00 to 20:00 to children, family and health personnel covered by two volunteers with absolute dedication and complying with the ethical rules that govern Reiki.

Previous Appointment:

Wednesday afternoons by appointment at the headquarters in a personal way.