From the Fundación Olivares we want to inform you about the new initiative we have started, so that in these moments we are living together we can contribute with our grain of sand.

Our objective is to provide the province of Malaga with masks, being these the best measure to prevent infection.  

We want to deliver 1.8 million surgical units corresponding to each of the inhabitants and 400,000 FFP2 for all our workers.

We are launching this initiative after analysing with professionals from different fields the evolution of the pandemic that we are suffering from, observing in the short term the need that each citizen in Malaga will have to protect himself when he is allowed to leave his home again.

Many individuals, institutions and companies have joined this initiative in a selfless way to achieve this. It is time to join together to protect ourselves with #masksformalaga.

Reaching that amount depends on EVERYBODY. And if we do not reach it, it will have been worthwhile to have embarked on this beautiful initiative regardless of the number of masks we can get and thus continue to do our bit.


How can we help to achieve #masksformalaga?

On this occasion all the help is welcome, whether you are individuals, companies or entities. You can contact us in the following ways, we will be happy to assist you:

Instagram: @mascarillasparatodamalaga

Facebook: Masks for the whole of Malaga


You can collaborate through:

Bizum: BIZUM Code 33637 Olivares Foundation

Current account: ES66 2100 2107 5802 0071 6505

Masks for the whole of Malaga

Mascarillas para toda Malaga


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