We have always thought that it is easy for us to transmit our work because everything we do is done with a lot of love, but when we also put ourselves in the hands of professionals such as our friends at Twentyfour Video the result is as beautiful and as real as we show you in this video.

Our children and their families are our reason for being, we study their needs and try to do everything we can to cover them, sometimes with professionals who take care of the clinical sessions, economic help, medicines, school material, clothes or food… and other times with hugs, caresses, smiles and even tears… but always close to them…

The services offered by the Olivares Foundation to these families are totally free of charge and our way of financing ourselves has been greatly affected by the world health crisis we are living through. One of our main sources of income are the events, those parties, sport activities, dinners and concerts that you never miss… To enjoy all that again we still have to wait a little bit… That’s why today we want to propose you other ways to keep helping us economically:

  • Collaborating partner: you choose the amount! And also if you want it to be monthly, quarterly or annually. Send us an e-mail to colabora@fundacionolivares.org and you can contribute to continue making our children’s smiles come true.
  • Punctual donation: Today you have woken up with the desire to help! Here we are!!!! We would be grateful for any donation you would like to make so that we can continue working to improve the quality of life of our families. We provide you with our bank accounts so that you can make a deposit or transfer in which it is easier and more convenient for you:

Caixa ES 57 2100 1873 1902 0014 2361

Cajamar ES87 2038 9814 8160 0047 1677

Unicaja ES57 2103 0255 5400 3003 4278

Santander ES60 0049 5204 5026 1858 6395

Bankia ES87 2038 9814 8160 0047 1677

  • Bizum: And so that you don’t even have to bother to turn on the computer, you can also make your donation through Bizum

Enter your Online Banking or Bizum app.

Choose the Donate tab.

Search for Fundación Olivares or with the code 33637.

And you can make your donation as a normal payment with Bizum.

Do you want to help us?


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